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"Without photographies, photojournalism would be only it, journalism."

I am studying the second year of journalism and media and I love taking photos. So I am going to tell you a little bit about photojournalism.

Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism that creates images in order to tell a real story.
The most important features of photojournalism are:
  • Timeliness: to have meaning in the context of a recently event
  • Objectivity: the photography is a representation of the real event
  • Narrative: it should be understandable
Now I am going to show you the more popular historical photographs.

Here we can see eleven workers having lunch in a 69th floor of a skyscraper under construction in New york in 1932.
The photo was taken by Charles Ebbets.

Alfred Eisenstaedt took this photo in 1945 in time Square, where a lot of people were celebrating the Day of Victory over Japan.
Shain was working as a nurse in New York when she listened on the radio that World War II had ended and went to Time Square. There, a sailor kissed her. She said that she let the man kissed her because during the war, he was fighting for her.

This photograph was taken in the 72nd birthday of Albert Einstein.
That day he smiled for photographers many times, so he decided to stick out his tongue instead.

Kevin Carter took this photograph in 1993 in Sudan, in the North-West of Africa.
The following year, he won the Pulitzer Price with this picture. But he wasn't pround of it. He said he was still sorry for not helping that girl.
Two months later, he ended his life.

''Afghan girl'' is a photograph taken in 1983 by Steve McCurry.
The identity oh that girl were unknown for at least 15 years until McCurry and the Nathional Geographic crew located her in 2002. She is Sharbat Gula.

Huynh Cong ''Nick'' took this photograph in 1972 during the Vietnam War.
The girl appears is Kim Phuc, who now works in the Kim Phuc Organitation helping victim war children.

This photograph was taken on 11th September in 2001, in United Estates, by Richard Drew during the attack on the Twin Towers.
We can see a man falling from one of these towers.

At least three photographers took this picture about an unknown man standing in front of four tanks during the 1989 People's Pepublic of China.

Mike Wells took this photograph in 1980 in Karamoja, Uganda.
A child dies of hunger and a missionary takes his hand.

Martin Luther King made his famous speech ''I have a dream'' in 1963, in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

In this famous picture we can see an east german soldier helping a child to cross the new Berlin Wall to go with his family in 1961.

Here we can see two friends helping a soldier to kiss his girlfriend outside the train in 1950 in California.

This photograph was considered as the most important war picture ever.
It was taken on Mont Suribachi during the World War II.
We see some soldiers from the USA and one Navy doctor raising their flag in 1945.

A legend says that a monster lives in the Lonch Ness and no one can see it.
This is the first picture in which this animal seems appear.
It's name is Nessie and this photograph was taken by Ian Wetherell in 1934.

This photograph went round the world.
Omaira Sánchufe was a 13-years-old colombian girl, victim of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Armero, Colombia.
After three days of being stuck in the mud, her only solution was to die because there was no way to help her to go out.

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin were the first men to walk on the Moon in 1969.
But many people don't believe in this and think it's all a lie of America.

There are many historical important photographies, I have gathered those that I believe are the most important. But the photojournalism includes much more.

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Recorriendo el año 2013 en fotografías

España, Castilla y León, Burgos. Y ahí, en la Casa del Cordón, encontramos una pequeña exposición fotográfica del periódico Diario de Burgos que recorre los acontecimientos más relevantes del año 2013.